Since Discovery is cancelled, I decided to create a page to let you guys know what would have happened if I continued. I always figured if I have a story built from start to finish and I ain't going to do it anymore, I might as well tell the public.

Baring that in mind, the following is more or less how it would have went down.

#12 and #13: Within/Emotion

AKA The Perceptor Story.

This would have been a two-parter. Issue #12's script has been finalized and #13 has been written down. The story opens up with Lockdown and Perceptor in a field of ruins. A battle once took place here millions of years ago. Prowl, Wreck-Gar, and Skippy are not in this issue, scouting another bounty elsewhere (check #14's summary for why.) Lockdown and Perceptor run into Rodimus' team as well as former Wreckers retirees lead by Springer. All three groups are after the same culprit because apparently they know the whereabouts of the missing council members (mentioned waaaaay back in#3 and #6.)

Here we get a lot of info on Perceptor's past: the battle-torn ruins they're in was the setting of a war between the Autobots and Decepticons millions of years ago. Specifically, Springer's Wreckers were handling the suicide mission; a young (read: teenage) Perceptor recently joined the squad after Rung's recommendation (despite his geeky appearance, he is exceptionally cool under fire, ideal for the situation.) Springer is a little shock that this nerd managed to secure a position in the Wreckers until he saw his ridiculously awesome sniping skills. The two bonded and eventually fell in love (incidentally, this is why Perceptor wore glasses - because Springer though it looked cute on him when he had to temporarily don them due to eye injury.) Unfortunately tragedy struck. Perceptor was tasked to snipe a Decepticon who was responsible for imprisoning 200 Autobots, all ready to be executed with the press of a button. While Springer and the other Wreckers holds off the other Cons, Perceptor was to take the shot, but Perceptor left his position when Springer was ambushed, scared his lover might get killed. Perceptor sniped off the Cons that ambushed Springer, but at the exact moment, that one Decepticon killed the Autobot prisoners. Perceptor cost the lives of hundreds because love makes you desperate. Springer was NOT happy and their relationship ended there. Perceptor was in trial for his crimes and after an ASSLOAD of persecution and paperworks and partial desperation in a time of war, Perceptor was stripped of his Wreckers rank and sent to go work for the current Minister of Science as a gopher. This along with an increased love for science (during his Wrecker years, science was merely a hobby) is what forced him to remove his emotions and slowly redeem himself (in the eyes of the Autobot government) by inventing awesome shit that advanced Autobots and could be used against the Decepticons.

Needless to say, by present days' time, Perceptor and Springer do not get along. At all. And they're in the one location where this all happened. Mazel Tov. Rodimus declares all three teams should work together as they will have a better chance of getting the Con. He also promises the bounty hunters will be paid for their services for better cooperation. So they do and it's just high tension all around.

Eventually they run into Flipside who presses a button and activates a batch of undead Autobots, modified by someone. The undead Bots are various Decepticons and Wreckers who have all died here, so Springer and Perceptor aren't pleased to see their old comrades being used like this. Eventually the fight gets so hectic the ground collapses and they all fall in. Lockdown is stuck with Springer while Perceptor gets to spend time with Rodimus, his faaaaavorite buddy in the world. It would be revealed that Perceptor's annoyance with Rodimus isn't just due to his youthful idiocy, but because Rodimus shares a lot of traits that Springer did when they were young. Yes, Perceptor is really that bitter. The two eventually escape from the underground, only to bump into Flipside and her army of the undead. They are taken in the same prison building where those 200 Autobots died. Also the kidnapped High Councils are there as well as a bomb to set off. Magnificus is behind all this, having used the Elements of Harmony to reanimate the dead. He is also a neutral, having scratched out his insignia. He vows vengeance against Megatron for being forced to deal with this clone issues and promises continuous tormenting of Perceptor because he refuses to be a second rate "faker." He plans to use the Elements of Harmony to fight the Decepticons. Perceptor retorts and gets a knife to the eye for his troubles, then Magnificus leaves.

Perceptor is depressed because of his past and who he turned out to be, but Rodimus boosts him off by calling him out, saying the Percy he knew wouldn't give up. Rodimus says nothing will stop him and eventually reassures Perceptor that he is not like Springer. He doesn't care what Percy did in his past and unlike Springer, won't carry a grudge - he'll still like him. Inspired by Rodimus' determination, Perceptor decides to stop the bomb while Rodimus handles the undead parading their way.

Not being a demolition expert, he contacts Prowl. We only hear his voice (since he's in another planet.) He manages to guide Perceptor to disarm the explosives, but it's hard because Perceptor is stuck in a similar situation where if he leaves to help Rodimus, everyone could die, much like what he did with Springer. They live, the Council is rescued, and though the bounty got away (much to Lockdown's consternation), it all works out. The Council is lead by Alpha Trion and he pretty much figures out Perceptor is working for Crescendoll, but he tells Percy to just do what he must to figure himself out, they'll deal with Sentinel Prime if he ever got wind of this.

Perceptor and Rodimus share one moment together with the latter telling Perceptor that despite some setbacks, it was a "good solar cycle." Also, he should totally get an eyepatch because it'd look cool.

Later, when all of Crescendoll reunite, Perceptor dons a new look: MONOCLE PERCEPTOR! But that's not the only thing that shocks Crescendoll; Perceptor is smiling...

#14: Steam Machine
Originally, this issue owed more to the Cowboy Bebop episode "Pierrot Le Fou." The entire issue would have been silent with minimum dialogue where Prowl ventures by himself to collect a bounty. I think at one point, it was Airachnid because I was impressed by her back then in "Predatory" before they derailed her in the latter portion of Season One. I took it out when I decided Blackarachnia would have a bigger role in Discovery and more or less become Prowl's rival. This would also have been the 7th issue, just before #8. I nixed the entire thing when I wanted to move the plot forward and pushed it aside in hopes I can bring it up again.

This issue is the closest to it happening. The fourteenth issue occurs simultaneously with #12/13. Prowl, Skippy, and Wreck-Gar split up from Lockdown and Perceptor when they spot two potential bounties that will secure them some serious moolah. I'm not sure if I would have added this scene, but Lockdown trusts Prowl with the Death's Head after Prowl drops Lockdown's team off; it was meant to secure more trust between the two. The reason I divided the team is that I wanted Lockdown to have more interaction with Perceptor (which I admit I didn't emphasize very well in my script for #12 and #13.) I also wanted to push Prowl away since he's the central character, leaving room for others/

Prowl's team would have been searching for a "strange" creature that's been either kidnapping or eating this alien town (I wanted an alien town that wasn't robots because I haven't emphasized other alien species despite Crescendoll traveling around the galaxy.) Wreck-Gar would have spent most of the comic pestering Prowl by calling him the "mommy" of the team, something Prowl doesn't like and eventually gets so fed up he tells Wreck-Gar to knock it the shit off. Wreck-Gar would have also gotten goggles and either a bandanna around his neck or a scarf because I wanted to give him a new look much like Prowl did with his Samurai Armor and Percy and his monocle (I would have also given Percy a new lavender scarf and a new rifle, the latter which would have looked a lot like the one from the IDW comics. I guess Percy would have given his old scarf to Wreck-Gar if the latter had that as an accessory.)

At first, they were going to explore a forest, but I already had a forest setting back in #4, so they might just be exploring the town during nighttime, using the darkness to add a creepy atmosphere.

They would run into Blackarachnia, Meltdown, Waspinator (who would either be fixed or just be a head XD) and the Dinobots here. There was to be an In-Between that occurred before this issue where Sentinel meets up with the imprisoned Blackarachnia and find out she is Elita-One. Their talk ends in tragedy since neither of them see eye to eye and Sentinel leaves depressed. Then the scene would switch to a later time period where Blackarachnia's team escapes, but no one knows how...except Sentinel.

Any who, they escaped and crashed into this alien planet and with no way out, Blackarachnia tricks Prowl by slapping a cuff between each other (I don't know if it's a stasis cuff or just plain cuffs.) Since Prowl has the Death's Head, she strikes a deal; she'll help Prowl's team find the bounty in exchange for them piloting her team off this planet. Nothing more, nothing less. Prowl reluctantly agrees. The rest of the issue would have been the two teams working together to the best of their abilities (and yes, Snarl would be still lovey-dovey.) There would also be a conversation between BA and Prowl that eventually brings up Optimus; BA quickly finds out Prowl has feelings for Optimus despite the ninjabot's denial. Blackarachnia is vastly amused.

Eventually they do run into the creature (I think at one point, it was a sparkeater) that's been eating/kidnapping the townsfolk and a battle ensues. Incidentally, this is around the time where Perceptor (back in #13) would contact Prowl to help defuse the bomb. Prowl would be giving instructions while he and Blackarachnia fought. I think Prowl would have shown some Processor-over-Matter moves to show he's been practicing. Oh, and he removes the cuffs sometime around here (and tells BA he always could remove them - he's a ninja!) Ultimately the creature ends up destroyed by Wreck-Gar, but kills him in the process. Prowl is distressed, but realizes Wreck-Gar's spark is just floating there instead of drifting off to the Well of Allspark. Prowl is confused, but he puts the spark back and Wreck-Gar returns to life. It just adds another layer of mystery to Wreck-Gar's existence. Either way, it's actually enough for Prowl to give a hug, telling Wreck-Gar (in a motherly tone), "To not do anything stupid like that again."

Prowl collects the bounty money the next morning. He then promises Blackarachnia a ride away from the planet. Blackarachnia warns Prowl that he better tell Optimus how he truly feels or someone else will (Note, she is also being coy at the same time.) Prowl glares and tells her, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

#15: On/Off
I debated back and forth on this one because I either wanted it to be a short issue or an In-Between, but it was something I felt was crucial to have regardless. Perceptor, in his infinite thirst for curiosity, decides to hook up his processor with Wreck-Gar to dig into his mind and figure on who or what he is. Perceptor would have entered a surreal, acid trip world where he'd go through various emotional states of Wreck-Gar's mind, each more kooky and confusing than the last.

Eventually, he enters a lone black room that makes even less sense, but seems to imply a rare dark side of Wreck-Gar that wants so badly to unleash his powers in destructive ways. The Wreck-Gar here nearly gets Perceptor until they are blinded in white. Perceptor would have entered a pure white room. No one is there but Perceptor, but he hears Wreck-Gar's voice, telling him he's the part that keeps his "bad side" in check. Perceptor wants to know what he is and Light Wreck-Gar responses he doesn't know, but it must be pretty big and cosmic and stuff. Perceptor wants to know if he's connected to the Allspark or part of one or something. Light-Gar merely response, "I don't know, maybe?" It's clear Light-Gar is only giving cryptic responses either because he's hiding something or simply because he doesn't know. Either way, Perceptor exits Wreck-Gar's mind without an answer, but he's not going to give up. For now, Wreck-Gar is "The Great Exception."

#16: The Prime Time of Your Life
A mission with Crescendoll accidentally ends with the team picking up psychologist Rung. The entire issue would just be Rung analyzing Crescendoll and their vast, vast, vaaaaaaaaaast dysfunctional issues. This would have been told from Rung's perspective and end with him saying the Crescendoll are a family and value each other...¦but they still need psychological help because without it, they won't last.

The entire issue would be a silly, breather moment before the rest of the comic hits the fan. I'm not sure what their mission would be. It ranged from a simple bounty hunt to them executing a heist for various reasons.

#17/18: Contact/Veridis Quo
This likely would have been a two-parter. The story would have started with Lockdown's birthday. When Lockdown and Prowl are alone, the latter gives him a gift...a cowboy hat. Like the other three, this would have been Lockdown's new look. I debated giving him sunglasses and never reached a decision. After Lockdown puts it on, he responses, "I love ya." Prowl stares in a mixture of bemusement and a stupid smile, answering, "It's just a hat." Have any of you guys seen Cats Don't Dance? Do you remember the face Darla made when Danny suggest the elephant star in a movie? That's the face Prowl makes.


Their next mission is sanction by Alpha Trion himself: they are to pick up and deliver an important suitcase to a location in Cybertron where he is waiting for it. It is an important thing and they are not allowed to peek inside. They go to this planet filled with suspicious and questionable aliens - ½probably criminal and/or bounty hunting neutrals. They pick up the suitcase. The story would also have reunited a fair amount of characters: Rodimus would bump into Perceptor (I'm not sure why he's here, probably for a mission.) Blackarachnia and her team would be here. Sentinel Prime, Flareup, and a select batch of Autotroopers and Elite Guards (probably Jazz and the Jettwins) would also be here (also probably for a mission.) Oh, and of course Skywarp who is seeking Luna. I think I even squeezed in Darklight and Nancy. These two issues would be super important, hence why we have all the reappearances.

>Now originally this was going to be the midpoint of the comic. Magnificus would arrive and use the Elements of Harmony so his spaceship starts wrecking shit. I forgot if he had an ulterior motive on this specific planet, but I'm sure I would have finalized something. So naturally everyone has to team up and find a way to stop this crazy shitfucker. The end of #17 would have concluded with Lockdown piloting the Death's Head and fighting Magnificus off long enough for Prowl's team to escape. Instead he gets killed.

#18 would have opened up with Prowl stunned, then unleashing his processor-over-matter, taking down any of Magnificus' goons as much as he can. Wreck-Gar eventually stops him from going too overboard because this isn't the Prowl he knows. I think originally he was going to almost kill Blackarachnia because she made a quip after Lockdown died, but I felt that was too harsh from her end. Either way, Prowl stops and Crescendoll leaves.

With no ship and Prowl likely attacking Elite Guards alongside others during his rampage, Crescendoll, Skywarp, and Rodimus leaves. The latter joins because he's concerned about their fate, but Perceptor tells him to get out of here because he shouldn't have to risk his job and life like he did. I think there would have been a scene prior where something happened to one of the Crescendoll members that requires medical treatment, but because the Death's Head is kaput, they have no supplies. So after Rodimus leaves, Crescendoll desperately robs a convenience store (Prowl threatens to blow the place up with his explosives, though they're fake; he's just scaring them off) to find the supplies they need. Prowl is not pleased he had to do that, but he's their leader now and he's got to take care of his team. He's too emotionally distressed to think straight though, unsure how or why he's so angry over Lockdown's death. Did he really like him that much?

Prowl decides they need to finish their mission and thus takes the suitcase to find Alpha Trion. Eventually they do bump into Magnificus' ship and another epic battle ensues. We also find out the suitcase contains the elusive Star Saber sword. I think earlier drafts had Prowl use it or tried to since it's a weapon that's not meant for him, but I took that out because it made him too special. I considered Wreck-Gar using it effortlessly simply because it's Wreck-Gar and it adds yet another mystery to him.

Turns out Magnificus is harnessing the Elements of Harmony all at once by directing subduing and controlling Princess Luna's vast power to fire his LAAAAAAAAAZER beeeeeeeeams. Skywarp is NOT pleased and managed to free her. Luna is SUPER pissed and quickly reverts to her "dark form", nearly destroying everything until Skywarp calms her down. Oh, and Lockdown is alive. It turns out he tricked everyone by faking a hologram of his death so he could get inside Magnificus ship and dismantle it from the inside or something like that, I haven't figured it out. Prowl is not amused, but just as they're about to reunite, Magnificus or Flipside (who's probably damaged from the battle) chucks a bomb at them. Prowl is gravely injured...

...And the scene switches to someplace else where Alpha Trion holds a memorial for the fallen bots. Everyone mourns...

>And Prowl walks in with a crutch of some kind. Yes, I totally pulled an Uncharted 2 ending. Alpha Trio gets the Star Saber and Flipside - now officially revealed to be Rosanna to the public - is apprehended. She will be given treatment to remove her double agent side. Magnificius got away again, but Lockdown retrieved the Elements of Harmony and Princess Luna and Skywarp will return them when they go back to Equestria.

At least that's what would have happened.

Bare with me because from this point on, I made some serious changes to the last third of Discovery. #17 and onwards changed drastically because of the final ending and some stuff with Prowl I wanted to emphasize and needed more time to do so (more on that later.) So HERE is what would have actually happened if I had continued this comic:

Now most of the plot points still stood: everyone reappearing, Magnificus trying to destroy shit with the Elements of Harmony, the Star Saber suitcase, Lockdown's confession and Prowl's dumbfounded response, everything. The BIG difference?

Optimus would have arrived here.

There would be an In-Between explaining the Autobots of Earth testing out a space bridge atop Sumdac Systems. Optimus volunteers to go in first and ends up lightyears in another planet. He managed to make it here, trying in vain to go back to Earth the hard way since he can't guarantee Cybertron's space bridges will get him back to Earth considering the space bridge there needs fine-tuning.

The other BIG difference: The events would take place in Cybertron. Lockdown finds out Optimus is here and doesn't like it one damn bit, but a large part of him knows - always knew - he was living on borrowed time anyway. There was no way he'd last with Prowl given the lie he told. Eventually he and Optimus confront one another and Lockdown confesses he's the one who killed Yoketron. Unfortunately Prowl was there listening. He runs off, Lockdown gives chase. Prowl decks Lockdown and lets him have it, shocked that he followed Lockdown on this fool's crusade to find out what his purpose is when the whole time, he HAS been doing better with Optimus' team. He almost kills Lockdown and Lockdown, knowing it's too late, just grins and callously tells him that yeah, he killed Yoketron, so kill him already. Prowl does not, but he sorely wanted to.

After all the chaos with Magnificus, Lockdown would have eventually escaped with the Death's Head (possibly faking his death like the first draft), leaving his old crew behind. In the midst of all this, Snarl would have sacrificed his life for Prowl. The two would hide in a lone alley - the VERY alley Prowl's hidden in as seen in #2 and #3. There Snarl admits no matter who Prowl loves, Snarl will always love and protect him. Prowl is touched and decides Snarl finally deserves that kiss. After he gives him a peck, Snarl dies happily.

Prowl eventually runs into Optimus (he would be carrying Yoketron's helmet) who silently hugs him. Then Prowl and the rest of Crescendoll gets arrested, but Prowl convinces Sentinel that only he's responsible and that he'll represent all of Crescendoll: Wreck-Gar is too young and impressionable that he has no idea of the things he did (not entirely true), Lockdown is presumed dead, Perceptor's involvement is merely the work of "Magnificus impersonating him", and Skippy - Skippy is a cat. Sentinel agrees and throws him in jail.

The Optimus/Lockdown/Prowl triangle, the confession that Lockdown killed Yoketron, and Snarl's death would have all taken place in the second-to-last issue. Prowl (with Skippy) would return with Optimus, taking a spaceship. There, the two would be stuck in space for a while, alone and free to catch up as they return to Earth. I pushed it up to #17/18 due to story changes.

#19: Human After All
This one would be more Perceptor focused. Originally, this story would have continued after the first draft of #17 and #18 where Lockdown fakes his death, but reunites with Crescendoll to continue their adventure. Perceptor would have gotten his monocle eye here as well as smile for the first time in a long time instead of #13. He would have departed from Crescendoll because his character arc would have ended. Wreck-Gar would have been displeased, but he'd write a note to Perceptor telling him to smile (that would have cued Percy to do so.)

The revised #19 still has Perceptor and Magnificus confronting each other for the last time. Rodimus would have joined him and realize though Perceptor is a better person, he is racked with guilt since he's a part of Crescendoll and if Sentinel knew, he'd have no justification for what he did. Rodimus points out Neutrals have their own code and as long as he performed within the Neutrality, Perceptor is safe. Yes, but he feels bad Prowl is covering for him and he is going to do his damnest to protest in trial. He eventually fights Magnificus above his spaceship. They eventually tumble over the edge. Rodimus catches Perceptor, but Magnificus falls to his doom (either out of suicide when Perceptor grabs him and he lets go or Percy shoots him); he was never able to live with the idea that he was second best. Perceptor pities him. Also, he and Rodimus finally hook up.

Meanwhile, Prowl would be in trial. There would be a lot of back and forth on what to do with him: on a technically, his criminal past before he was a ninjabot has received full pardon from Yoketron and Ultra Magnus in exchange for mandatory ninjabot training. His days as a Crescendoll were mostly within Neutral codes and anything he did outside of those laws were ridiculously minor. Sentinel however feels he's caused too much property damage throughout his life and the collateral is astronomical. He is temporarily jailed until they can make a judgment. Wreck-Gar visits him and cries over why "he divorced daddy" and why Crescendoll split up. Prowl tells Wreck-Gar not everything lasts, Lockdown is not his soul mate, Crescendoll is dead, and they need to move on. Wreck-Gar leaves dejected.

Eventually the story would have ended either with Prowl jailed for a loooooong time for his crime or forced to pay off his debts by working with Team Optimus (this one courtesy of Perceptor.)

#20: Robot Rock
Continuing from the first draft where Crescendoll is still a team, the original draft for this one would have been Wreck-Gar-centric. Crescendoll would have landed on the Planet Junk where Wreck-Gar would bump into Nancy again. Nancy is apparently stuck on this planet somehow, but she refuses to leave for whatever reason. There would be some sort of conflict that nearly kills Nancy. This causes Wreck-Gar to unleash a violent power that nearly destroys the planet until Nancy reveals she's alive, just lost consciousness.

After he reverts to normal, he would have to decide whether to leave Nancy and go with Crescendoll or stay with her. Now he understands why Perceptor left the group. As Crescendoll is about to leave, Wreck-Gar is nowhere to be seen. Prowl finds a note by Wreck-gar, telling them he left the group because he now understands why people need to leave - sometimes it's the only way to change and find happiness, but he'll never forget anyone. He and Nancy run around freely around Planet Junk while Prowl, Lockdown, and Skippy leaves, realizing Wreck-Gar has found another place for him. The slow departure of Crescendoll is a direct reference to Cowboy Bebop where Ed and Ein did the same around the tail end of the show. Prowl would conclude this story by saying, "I'm not worried about Wreck-Gar, he's the happiest bot alive; nothing can get him down." And then the next issue would have been the one where Lockdown reveals he killed Yoketron in front of Optimus, etc.

Naturally, the Wreck-Gar story didn't happen. Instead #20 would still be Wreck-Gar focused, but this time, he is distressed his family has been pulled apart. Still young and unaware of what to do with his emotions, Wreck-Gar somehow gets his hands on the Allspark. Its energy envelopes him and Wreck-Gar is consumed/turns into this giant...Platypus beast. Yes. It's kind of like Aang's giant Koi form in the Avatar Season One finale. He starts aimlessly wrecking the city of Detroit as a result. Nancy is trapped in with him (because she was with Wreck-Gar at the time.)

#21: Digital Love
The final issue.

Originally Prowl would return to Earth with Optimus alone on a spaceship. They would get mixed reactions from Optimus' crew. There are numerous Autobots in Earth because they are preparing for a war against the invading Decepticons. Prowl would have taken part and would have spent some time with each of his former teammates - some who missed him, others who are less than pleased.

The final battle would happen much similarly to "Endgame: Part II" and Prowl would have died as well. The ending would show everyone living their life while Prowl walks the afterlife helping those in need, Skippy by his side (and possibly Snarl.) I struggled with this ending for a very long time and overtime as the story grew, I changed it drastically. I'll explain why in the newer version.

The second revision continues where #20 left off: With Wreck-Gar destroying Detroit. EVERY SINGLE character from the past issue would have tried to stop him. I know I'd have Team Optimus, Sentinel and his Elite Guards, Flareup and her Autotroopers, Darklight, and the reminders of Crescendoll. Rodimus' team would be there. I haven't debated whether I'd put in Blackarachnia's team, but they might. The only one who does not appear would be Lockdown who is lightyears away. They try to stop or slow Wreck-Gar down, but he has extremely powerful barriers created by the Allspark. Jazz is probably the only one who can even make any kind of dent via processor-over-matter. The entirety of Wreck-Gar's extended body would be a combination of Aang's Koizilla form and The Reaper from Digimon Tamers as he spreads his body around. The inside of his body would be transparent, filled with strange enemies for the characters to fight. It would look similar to Child of Eden.

Eventually someone tells them to get Prowl (who is still in prison) because they figure Wreck-Gar's "mommy" has a chance of reaching through to him. Prowl would have arrived decked in a new armor. It's also why I drew Prowl looking like this in a few incidental artworks. Nancy also tries to reach for Wreck-Gar because she's stuck with him and within ear level. Prowl has to get his attention a different way.

He dances.

No, I am not shitting you, he dances. He also probably sings.

Because what better to get Wreck-Gar's attention than that? This entire issue is influenced by GENKI ROCKET's "Heavenly Star", specifically the remix used for the final stage in Child of Eden. You can see the stage this. If this were a TV show, I would definitely image this song playing out throughout. Also, I always imagined Canon Prowl's afterlife would look exactly like Child of Eden - particularly stages 2, 3, and 5 because it's a perfect combination of nature and technology. Any who, Prowl would have fought and danced his way through a whole lot of pretty to get to Wreck-Gar. Have I mention this is a pretty surreal issue?

Nancy succeeds in reaching Wreck-Gar, causing him to realize he is attacking his loved ones when all he wanted was for them to be all together. Wreck-Gar realizes what he is doing, but he can't stop his powers. Prowl harnesses the Allspark inside Wreck-Gar's platypus monster body and turns into a blue, glowing bird-like figure. The bird-like figure is also inspired by Child of Eden: in the second stage, your boss battle is with a Phoenix. Christ, just go play this game already, it's so inspirational! Also Prowl+Birds=Symbolism.

I haven't decided, but either he does this alone or turns into a bird alone with Optimus. Either way, he helps Wreck-Gar revert back to his normal self. Wreck-Gar apologizes to Prowl for what he did...he just misses his family. Prowl tells him it's alright, we all make mistakes. Then the scene cuts to white.

I think the comic would have ended here. There might have been some wordless panels that would show what happened to the others and one small cameo of Lockdown where he returned to his old ways, only this time, wearing a particular cowboy hat. It may have ultimately ended with Prowl sitting underneath Yoketron's tree with Optimus.

Two major things on why I changed the original ending:

1.) I didn't want Prowl to die because the very idea would make him look like a martyr. This works for Canon Prowl because his character development worked to the point where a heroic sacrifice makes sense. Discovery Prowl does not as he's a far more flawed, selfish creature. To have him perform something this decidedly sacrificial wouldn't gel as well; it felt like he was getting away with too much. So I revised the ending, adding in the trials, and all that jazz. I wanted the trial and Prowl's karma to last, so Crescendoll disbanded a lot earlier in the final revision instead of near the tail end of Discovery.

2.) I didn't want the final battle to be with the Cons. I realize this was simply overkill. Discovery is a story about four fucked up robots, each with their own terrible issues and how they overcome and/or handle it. They're a team of bounty hunters who travel the galaxy getting into silly, stupid shit. This wasn't meant to be epic and having a final fight with the Cons was too epic. So I removed that element and instead had the Wreck-Gar plot because it's a great deal more appropriate and personal.

And then Discovery: One More Time would have happened. If Discovery is the series, One More Time would be the movie. It would have been one big homage to the 1986 Transformers film. I wasn't going to draw this at all, but it was planned in my head for my own amusement, so consider this potentially non-canonical. It would involve all of Crescendoll reluctantly teaming up again for a final battle that has everyone fighting against Unicron. It would have delved even deeper into Wreck-Gar's nature and how he's potentially connected to the Allspark and Primus himself. And yes, it would have involved Rodimus as a possible Chosen One.

Any who, that's it. Thank you so much for sticking by me with this fancomic. I had fun making this silly little thing. Until next time.