Rosanna's in Trouble!

posted October 16th, 2010, 1:12 am

What did I tell you about not panicking?!

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October 16th, 2010, 1:12 am

Neo Yi


Not much to say for this page, so I'll talk about the Crescendolls a little bit. Being there's five members in the crew (they count the cat - at least everyone but Lockdown does), they each bring something to their crew:

Lockdown: Defacto leader. The Death's Head is his ship (and he will make that clear) and he has the most experience with bounty hunting, so yeah, he's going to be making most of the decisions on what to do. Up until he got four 'bots to take care of, he had no real idea he was leader material. He's also the closest the group has to a medic. Not enough to be near qualify, but given he can surgically remove robot parts, he at least has some decent chops to hold one of his crew down until they reach an actual doctor. Now the challenge is influencing Prowl...

Prowl: ...who serves as second-in-command. He's obviously new to this whole thing which is why Lockdown is the leader. Prowl questions and challenges him a lot on some of the decisions he makes since their ideals clash. Prowl, despite being the stoic loner in his former Autobot crew is actually and ironically the "Optimus" to his crew - keeping the moral high and making sure no one does anything stupid (which is ALSO ironic because Lockdown often points out some stupid thing he does because Prowl is still a young robot). Prowl is also the closest the ship has to a chef. Not that Lockdown couldn't feed himself prior to Prowl's joining, but the ninja bot tends to make more healthier and elaborate meal because damn it, Wreck-Gar, you can't live off of Energon on a Stick forever!

Skippy: He's the team mascot. Skippy wants to go home, but when he can't, he likes to sleep, rub against a robot's legs, scratch up whatever isn't metal in this damn ship, and poop on his littler box. Prowl usually is the one who cares for him, but Wreck-Gar spends the most time playing with him (which doesn't always work out since Skippy isn't a puppy). Skippy can be useful though; he's small and is able to squeeze into some of the more open parts of robots, messing with their inners. Now if that's not a scary thought...

Wreck-Gar: Lockdown would have tossed him out of airlock if not for the fact that he even admits that this weirdo is useful. Wreck-Gar has high luck and ability to handle a lot of damage. He is also very good distractions, so the Crescendolls have used that to their advantage against their foes and bounties. Wreck-Gar is also the one who named the team "Crescendoll". He kept saying this in public and eventually that was what the group is known for (Lockdown hates the name). Wreck-Gar is a love freak. He is actually the glue that holds the team together and can't stand to see them apart. Some of the more difficulties have oddly been fixed because Wreck-Gar loves and cares for all his crew members. He is also a shipper and firmly is under belief that Lockdown is Prowl's "lobster" (Friends reference).

Perceptor: How he got into the crew is a spoiler for now. Perceptor joined Crescendoll with a separate agenda, but has since taken up as the crew's resident smart guy. If you need something sciency to explain, he's your bot (hell, Perceptor may know the insides and out of the Death's Head more then Lockdown and that makes Locky angry). Perceptor is very silent and oddly, despite Prowl being on the team, the stoic of the crew. He stays out of the way for the most part (not just because he's near emotionless, but he's not a skilled warrior as the others...and Wreck-Gar), but is a killer with his gun and eagle-eye view that comes with it. He doesn't show it, but he is annoyed, yet fascinated with an odd duck like Wreck-Gar who BTW, just wish he'd smile for once!

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