Sleepy Time

posted July 21st, 2011, 7:59 pm

The ship's on Auto-Pilot if they all sleep while in the middle of space.

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July 21st, 2011, 8:06 pm

Neo Yi


I'm testing out a new blue/violet-ish coloring for the BG because the usual one I use is a sharpie and really does not work for larger areas such as the Death's Head. This one is a lot more lavender, but it's a lot better since it's a prismacolor marker. All well, the whole point of practice is to experiment anyway

Each of the Crescendoll rooms are meant to reflect a lot of themselves, so I put relative thought on them:

Lockdown's Room: Originally, he was actually just going to sleep in hid mod room, but I nix that because Prowl will eventually start sleeping more and more with Lockdown and well, he does not want to go in the mod room. I regret not drawing his guitar there. He plays the guitar. ^^ So does Optimus. As if more parallels need to be drawn between the bots Prowl likes.

Perceptor's Room: His entire house is very clean and cold because it makes him come off as impersonal and, well, lacking in emotions. However his lab rooms (both home and work) are dangerously messy. His room doubles as his lab (though he does have a separate lab room in the Death's Head), so there's shit everywhere. Things you probably can't see: a globe of Cybertron, protractor, and his scarf hanging on the right.

Prowl's Room: His room is super clean because he likes to be organized and structured. Everything is arranged in the matter he likes the best. Skippy sleeps to the far right of him.

Wreck-Gar's Room: His room is a mess. Filled with random shit. A string of cranes hangs on the very left - he really wants to make that wish. ^^ He also likes to draw. XD

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