Spider, dinosaurs, and bounty hunters, oh my!

posted January 18th, 2012, 9:13 am

Just tap those shoes, Lockdown, you'll wake up!

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January 18th, 2012, 9:32 am

Neo Yi


I have nothing constructive to say about this page, sooooooo... some little bits and pieces of the Crescendoll cast:

If Crescendoll had Elemental Powers:
Lockdown = Fire
Prowl = Air
Wreck-Gar = Earth
Perceptor = Water
Skippy = Hairball ^^

Crescendoll Animal Representative:
Lockdown = Wolf
Prowl = Crane
Wreck-Gar = Platypus
Perceptor = Turtle
Skippy = Cat. Duh

You know in FFIX, how each main character had a word to describe them, well, here's Crescendoll's words (currently, that is):
Lockdown = Lies
Prowl = Sorrow
Wreck-Gar = Happiness
Perceptor = Spite
Skippy = Observer
All of Them = Discovery

Crescendoll Colors:
Lockdown = Red
Prowl = Light Blue
Wreck-Gar = Yellow
Perceptor = Violet
Skippy = Green

Lockdown = Oldest
Prowl = Second youngest. Lockdown and Prowl is basically May-December dating sleeping around
Wreck-Gar = Very young. He was only born for a short time.
Perceptor = Second oldest
Skippy = 3 years old

Crescendoll family according to Wreck-Gar:
Lockdown = Father
Prowl = Mother
Wreck-Gar = Child
Perceptor = Creepy Uncle
Skippy = Pet

Crescendoll as a Five Man Band
Lockdown = The Hero (from a bounty hunting perspective since this IS their job)/The Lancer (what he REALLY is)
Prowl = The Lancer (from a bounty hunting perspective such a neutral lifestyle is something he's trying to grow away from)/The Hero (What he REALLY is; Optimus really had an influence on him)
Wreck-Gar = The Big Guy
Perceptor = The Smart Guy
Skippy = Team Pet

(And other smaller niggles in-between such as Team Mom, The Chick, etc.)

Their Theme Songs

...Oops. I'm still working on it. I got a lot depending on their moods, changes, and whatnot besides a general main theme. I know "Heavenly Star" by GENKI ROCKETS and all its varieties is Prowl's theme. No, really. No, really!

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